Richard and Tom are the managing directors of Patent Tree and speak with clients on the initial consultation call. They will identify if there is a good fit between the client and our firm. And then introduce the client to the appropriate patent agent or attorney on our team.

Richard C. Jr.

General Manager

Below is a list of our current team members. Feel free to research our team and request to work with the patent agent or attorney who has the domain expertise that match your project. Some of our team members are not listed so please discuss your project with Richard, our General Manager, as he will be familiar with the entire Patent Tree member team.

Domain Expertise:

  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Research & Analysis on Market Size
  • Strategy & Research on Companies to Licensing Opportunities
  • General Patent Searches


  • Wrote & Submitted three patent applications
  • Granted patent #9227128
  • Systems and methods for visualizing and analyzing impact forces
  • Written numerous business plans and feasibility studies

Tom L. Ph.D., J.D

Patent Attorney

Domain expertise:

  • Biotechnical & Medical: biotechnology, biologics, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, immunology, antibodies, nutraceuticals, nutritional and dietary supplements, and orthopedic medical devices.
  • General Mechanical: central vacuum technologies, communications towers, bicycle storage units, ball and ski holders, multipurpose cushions, seat dividers, an airplane jack, office products, dental floss and whitening agents, and radiators.


  • Pharmaceutical, orthopedic, and nutraceutical industries.
  • Strategically developing and protecting IP, in alignment with business objectives.
  • Trademark clearance and registration.

Patent Searches

Patent Writing

Market Feasibility Analysis

Product Cost Analysis

Patent Road Mapping